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HHS Gr. 9 - Oct. 11 Important Info.

Posted Date: 9/15/23 (5:19 PM)

Important Grade 9 information:

On Wednesday, October 11, Grade 9 students will be supported by their Advisor and working from home (eLearning) to accomplish the following:

  • Students will utilize provided resources via Canvas to explore career interests.

  • Students will create or update their working academic course four-year plan for high school. 

  • Students will create a Dual Enroll account with Ivy Tech Community College in preparation of the opportunity to earn free, transferable college credit during their time at HHS. Parents, please know that students will need access to their social security numbers to complete this application. 

A working four-year plan is required for all Indiana students.   Thinking through and having a plan is directly related to student success both while in high school and beyond.  A four-year plan provides students with a blueprint for identifying and achieving high school goals that will prepare them for career, college, and life opportunities.  SACS students began this process in their respective middle schools.  Students will begin or adjust these plans and encourage terrific, intentional discussion.

Students will be required to Zoom with their Advisor for a portion of the morning and then complete PSAT Day Module assignments located in the Class of 2027 Canvas Page.  This module is designed to walk Ninth Grade students through the process of completing a high school four-year course plan.  Students will be required to have a working four-year plan completed and saved by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, October 11.  This is a fluid document, as counselors will be meeting with and talking through this plan with each Ninth Grade student.  

Please watch for further information to be shared the first week of October!