Finals Week Schedules

Finals Week Schedules
Posted on 04/11/2022

This final exam information was provided at registration and is also available in the student handbook.

Please note that students must take their final exams as scheduled.

Any student who is absent during final exams will be considered unexcused and will receive a zero on the exams, essays, projects, or any other assessments being given at the concluson of their courses.

Exams will not be given early under any circumstances.

Students may NOT be parent excused on final exam days. 

Students are expected to be in attendance on these days to take their final exams.

Parent/student vacations should be scheduled after the end of each semester…noting that the second semester exam schedule may change due to cancellation days.

Students are expected to be present in school the entire day during final exams. 

In some classes, students may be required to give a presentation or other such assignment in class as their final assessment. Due to time constraints, presentations may begin prior to the set final exam dates. A student who is required to give a presentation prior to a final exam day for a final grade must be in attendance for the scheduled final exam day for that class in order to receive credit. This requirement is in place because all students in the class deserve the same benefit of having a full student audience and the feedback they offer during their presentations.

Please click here for your finals week schedule.