2022 End of Year Laptop Collection

2022 End of Year Laptop Collection
Posted on 05/18/2022

Students will turn in their HHS laptops and chargers to the teacher in their last period class of the year. For most, this will be after their 7th period final exam on the last student day, Thursday, May 26th, 2022. If a student does not have a 7th period, the student will turn in his/her laptop to the teacher in their last class of the year.

SUMMER SCHOOL STUDENTS - YOU WILL KEEP YOUR LAPTOP, DO NOT TURN IT IN. You will keep your same laptop to use in either session of Summer School. (This excludes Summer PE. If you are taking Summer PE, you do not need your laptop, so you should turn it in on your last day of school.)

In their last class, when they turn in their laptops, students will be asked to “check-in” their laptop via PowerSchool. Students, preview this video ahead of time to see how to complete this task. Students will also complete a hard copy of a form, confirming that the laptop is not damaged. Students will be given specific directions on how to roll their laptop cords and given directions to attach their cord to their computer, so it is not lost.

All questions regarding laptop collection can be directed towards Assistant Principal, Mr. Clark at [email protected] or call 260-431-2202.

In order to maintain inventory control, laptops, chargers and books cannot be dropped off with the staff working in the offices at our entrance doors. Students must turn in these items to their assigned teachers, so that serial numbers can be confirmed and any damages or other issues can be properly documented. Thank you for assisting us with this process.