HHS Media Wins at IASB

HHS Wins Nearly 30 Awards at IASB Awards Ceremony
Posted on 03/14/2023

Homestead High School’s Digital Media Program wins Radio and Sports Media School of the Year at state’s annual broadcasting awards ceremony, while Homestead Media students win a total of 10 first-place awards Homestead High School’s Digital Media Program was named the Radio School of the Year and Sports Media School of the Year today at the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters (IASB) conference and awards ceremony at the University of Indianapolis. Homestead won against students enrolled in Audio/Video and Digital Media classes in high schools or career centers throughout the state. This year, a record high total of more than 620 entries were entered in 40 total categories. IASB consists of more than 50 high schools, career centers, and vocational programs throughout the state of Indiana and the annual conference and awards ceremony is held every March at the University of Indianapolis. This is the Homestead’s fifth Radio state championship in the last seven years.

Earlier this school year, IASB revealed a new format to the state broadcasting awards beginning this year, changing from two divisions of Radio/Audio and Television/Video where all entries fit into one of those two divisions to five balanced divisions: Radio, Video, News Media, Sports Media and Emerging Media. This new format has a total of 40 different categories that media professionals and/or college educators judge and award a Top 3 and two additional Honorable Mentions.

Image of HHS Students at iASB awards

Students involved in the Digital Media Program at Homestead High School have been competing in the IASB Radio/Audio competition since 1999 and the TV/Video competition since 2014. Homestead won Radio School of the Year previously in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021 and the now defunct category of TV School of the Year previously in 2020, 2021 and 2022. School of the Year is based on a point system for each year where 1st place receives 3 points, 2nd place receives 2 points and 3rd place receives 1 point. The school with the most points is named School of the Year for the respective division.

Homestead’s Digital Media program has over 100 students enrolled in five different courses throughout each school day. The program is directed by Adam Schenkel (2004-present) and the radio station is managed by Andy Dunn (2013-present).

Homestead’s radio station, The Point 91FM, broadcasts 24 hours a day and is run entirely by student’s throughout the school day and until 3:30PM on weekdays. Students also broadcast Homestead High School extra-curricular events as well as athletics throughout the school year. The 91.1FM website can be found at www.wcyt.org. Students in Homestead’s television broadcasting program creates a weekly newscast, HHS In Depth, over news occurring within the school and community. The show airs to students and staff every Friday during the school day on the Homestead Media YouTube channel. The channel also airs all Homestead High School home football and boys and girls basketball games, as well as a few other Athletics and Performing Arts Events.

The Homestead Media YouTube channel can be found at www.youtube.com/c/homesteadhighschoolmedia

The IASB conference and awards is a day dedicated for current high school students in the entire state of Indiana. Over 700 students annually attend the ceremony on the campus of the University of Indianapolis.

IASB 2023 Awards for Homestead High School

RADIO Homestead High School - Radio School of the Year

First Place

Christopher Bay - Spot Production Devyn Brown - Imaging
Christopher Bay - Radio Copywriting
Devyn Brown - Original Drama

Second Place

Nada Dahouk and Michelle Obioma - Radio Show
Nada Dahouk and Michelle Obioma - Talk Show
Macy Gray - Live Air Personality

Homestead High School - Sports Media School of the Year

First Place

Anthony Gery, Braxton Hall, Noah Johanningsmeier and Noah Lancz - Sporting Event Broadcast (Radio) -For the radio broadcast of Homestead at Northrop, Girls Basketball
Homestead Media - Video Live Sporting Event (Basketball or Football) -For the video broadcast of North Side at Homestead, Boys Basketball
Homestead Media - Video Live Sporting Event (Any Other Sport) -For the video broadcast of Snider at Homestead, Volleyball
Homestead Media - Video Sports Program -For the live video halftime show of North Side at Homestead, Boys Basketball

Second Place
Nada Dahouk, Anthony Gery, Noah Johanningsmeier and Henry Schwartz - Sports Talk Show

Third Place
Anthony Gery - Radio Sportscast
Noah Johanningsmeier - Football Play-By-Play

Honorable Mention
Noah Johanningsmeier - Radio Sportscast

First Place
Anthony Gery and Morgan Gullett - Video In-Depth

Second Place
Nada Dahouk - Video In-Depth Third Place Nada Dahouk - Package

Honorable Mention
HHS In Depth - School Newscast
Nada Dahouk - Photojournalism
Cameron Elder - Photojournalism


First Place
Ian Fraser- Music Video

Second Place
Homestead Media - Video Magazine

Third Place
Ryan Weidler - Cinematography

Honorable Mention
Homestead Media - Live Event


Second Place

Ryan Weidler - Motion Graphics

Third Place
Michelle Obioma - Motion Graphics