Taste of Homestead


A Taste of Homestead is an annual event in which students collaborate to prepare food from different countries and then share with the Homestead community. Students form groups and pick a country to represent. Next, students  think creatively and critically as they research food from that country and select one dish to prepare from that country. Students collaborate to make the food and share it with the Southwest Allen County Schools community on the night of a Taste of Homestead. Each group has a table in the cafeteria to display a poster about the country to communicate what they learned. Students set out their food for visitors to sample. Guests walk around the cafeteria to visit each table, learn about the country and sample food from each location. A Taste of Homestead began in 2015 when Homestead’s French, German, Latin and Spanish Clubs started it, and it has grown to include all Homestead students.

Eligibility Requirements:

Any HHS Student

Time Commitment:

We meet once a month starting in November. The event is in the spring and lasts for 90 minutes. 

Procedure for Joining:

Attend the annual call out meeting in the fall or contact Sr. Peeper or Mrs. Beckman. 


Mr. Justin Peeper - [email protected]

Mrs. Megan Beckman - [email protected]