Sample Schedules for Core 40 Diploma

 Grade 9
 English 9 A  English 9 B
 Algebra 1 A  Algebra 1 B
   Earth and Space Science A Earth and Space Science B
   Physical Education 1  Health
 Housing and Interior Design              Child Development           

 Grade 10
 English 10 A  English 10 B
World History A  World History B
 Geometry A  Geometry B
 Biology A  Biology B
 Physical Education 2    Entrepreneurship     

 Grade 11
 English 11 A  English 11 B
 United States History A  United States History B
 Algebra 2 A  Algebra 2 B
 Integrated Chemistry-Physics A  Integrated Chemistry-Physics B   
Music History 1  Music History 2 

 Grade 12
 English 12A  English 12 B
 Economics  Government
 Strategic Marketing 1  Strategic Marketing 2
 Business Managements.  Psychology
 Personal Finance Photography

Please Note:  Students who plan to earn a Core 40 Diploma and then go on to a four-year degree program should select two years of Latin in working toward the required elective credits.