Winter Guard


Students will practice dance movement, flag, rifle, and saber. This performance class will provide opportunity for students to exhibit technique, flexibility, and the study of movement and dance performance as a form of artistic expression and communication. They will develop skills to understand music phrasing, rhythmic structures, and meters. Auditions are held in the spring for the follow school year.

Eligibility Requirements:

Must be a member of and enrolled in the marching band fall guard. Selection of the group is done by auditions.

Time Commitment:

Members meet sixth period every day during second semester. There are weekly practices held after school. Contests are held on Saturdays. Members participate in class time rehearsal every day and are required to participate in all rehearsals, contests, and performances.

Procedure for Joining:

Enroll in Dance Performance-Auxiliary class, meet eligibility requirements, and audition.

Activity Time Period:

November through March

Membership Limit:

Sponsor: Mr. Witzegreuter, Performing Arts Department