Spartan Student Ambassadors

Club Description:

Spartan Student Ambassadors is an extracurricular program for students in grades 10-12 whose main focus is on welcoming and supporting students who are new to Homestead. Spartan Student Ambassadors attend school-wide events including Freshman Orientation, Back to School Night, New Family Night, and 8th Grade Parent Night. During these events, ambassadors welcome new families and assist them as they become acquainted to Homestead by providing tours, answering questions, and offering whatever support is needed for the new student. Spartan Student Ambassadors are also strategically matched with new students to ease the transition of those first few weeks of school. Ambassadors make sure their new student is familiar with the school building, has a group to sit with during lunch, and knows how to get involved in extra/co-curricular activities.

Eligibility Requirement:

Spartan Student Ambassadors must be recommended by a teacher or administrator in order to formally apply for membership during their sophomore year. This program seeks natural student leaders who are proud of Homestead and are comfortable reaching out to new students. Students who are self-starters, comfortable working with adults, and eager to help other students are ideal candidates for membership.

Time Commitment:

Spartan Student Ambassadors must be available to work at least two school-wide events each year which are outside of normal school hours. Ambassadors will occasionally be asked to provide tours to new students during the school day and may miss part of class for this responsibility. All member meetings will be held periodically throughout the year and will last 30-60 minutes.

Procedure for Joining:

Teachers will be asked to provide student recommendations for grades 10 and 11 every Fall semester. If students wish to be recommended they should reach out to a teacher or a Spartan Student Ambassador sponsor.

Activity Time Period:

Year-round. Spartan Student Ambassadors are asked to participate in activities prior to the start of the school year such as Freshman Orientation and Registration Day.

Contact information: Alyssa Braman – [email protected]