Rube Goldberg


Students work together as a team to build a Rube Goldberg machine that accomplishes the assigned task.  The machine must be made from readily available materials and contain as many simple machine steps as possible, while also being original and exciting.


Any Homestead High School student

Time Commitment:

Students are expected to attend group meetings and machine build days a couple times a week after school.

Procedure for Joining:

Attend an initial "call out" meeting in the fall after school when announced.  If interested, students will come to assigned meetings to help design and build the project.  The competition is usually in mid-March.  January- March meetings are usually 2 to 3 times a week.  Though a member does not need to make every meeting, members should work to make as many meetings as possible.

Activity Period:


Membership limit:

None. However, if you are not a member in good standing and do not attend meetings and work sessions regularly you might not be invited to attend regional and national competition.

Recent Achievements:

2021 Third Place National Competition (virtual)
2020 Third Place Regional Competition\
2017 - Third Place at Regional Competition
2016 - Second Place at Regional Competition
2013 - First Place at Regional competition and 8th Place at National Competition


Mr. Brady Koehlinger

Email: [email protected]