Art Club

Eligibility Requirements:

Any student in grades 9-12 who is interested in becoming part of a creative and artistic community is welcome to join! You do not have to be currently enrolled in an art class to participate in this club.

Procedure for Joining:

There is an opportunity for sign up during registration, prior to the beginning of school. Interested students must attend the first meeting of each semester. We ask for a firm commitment to the club after the 2nd meeting. Upon joining, a $10.00 payment for dues is required. Enrollment in art club is limited to the first 2 meetings of each semester. After this time, we close enrollment so that we may develop a more cohesive group of students. Some activities may or may not be financially sponsored by the club.


There will be regular Art Club meetings held twice a month. However, the number of meetings per month may increase during some months depending on the project we are undertaking at the time. All members will be encouraged to have regular attendance at all meetings, however, they must attend one meeting per month to remain an active member of this club.


The main purpose of the Art Club is to create an artistic community among students to learn, grow, and create as inpiduals and artists. We are not a substitute for knowledge gained by taking a Fine Arts class, but rather an extension of the knowledge and interests gained in those classes. Some of our interests are centered on participating in the following activities throughout the year:

Community/School Service Projects:

-Assisting during Spring Arts Week

-Visiting Local Galleries and Museums

-Learning New Techniques and Mediums

-Developing Portfolios/Art College Prep

-Participating in Art Shows/Contests

-Guest Artists

-Studio Time

Club Sponsor:

Mrs. Jones, Fine Arts Department

Email: [email protected] 

Or stop by rm. 108 or the Fine Arts Dept. Office