School Offices

Homestead High School
4310 Homestead Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46814

School Offices open 7 am to 3 pm.

Susan Summers, Principal
Jen Bay, Assistant Principal
Stephen Clark, Assistant Principal - Ninth Grade Academy
Sara Hoeppner, Assistant Principal
Robert Irwin, Athletic Director
Chris Johnson, Dean of Students & Assistant Athletic Director - Ninth Grade Academy
Jeff Kintz, Assistant Principal / Discipline
Lindsay Lackland, Assistant Principal / Guidance 
Scott Zvers, Assistant Principal 

Jennifer Kennedy
, Administrative Assistant 
Phone # 260-431-2202  /  Fax # 260-431-2299

Jenny Agler, Secretary to Assistant Principals/Receptionist
Phone# 260-431-2200

Cathy Connerley, Secretary - Ninth Grade Academy
260-431-2301 / Fax # 260-431-0999

Linette Godfrey, Secretary - Discipline Office

Treasurer's Office:

Rosi Byall
Amy McGuire 

Phone# 260-431-2206 / Fax # 260-431-2299

Attendance Line:

(PLEASE CALL FOR ALL ATTENDANCE ISSUES - absences, early dismissals, late arrivals, etc. It is a 24-hour line.)

Phone: 260-431-2205

Attendance Secretaries: Lisa Tomkiewicz, Rita Andersen & Gretchen Carrel
Fax # 260-431-2338


Andrew Sherman, Administrative Assistant
Phone# 260-431-2204

Jeri Boneff, Registrar
Phone# 260-431-2209 / Fax # 260-431-2223

Rebecca Todd, Assistant Registrar

School Counselors:

Lindsay Lackland - Assistant Principal
Rachel Bracey
Alyssa Braman - Ninth Grade Academy
Mallory Cochran 
Lyla Dean - Ninth Grade Academy
Jennifer Edwards
Amy Hamilton
Kara Klinker
Jameshia Shackelford


Kelly Dawson, Nurse
Amy Lynam, Nurse 

Clinic Phone# 260-431-2219 / Fax# 260-431-0981


Rob Irwin, Athletic Director
Chris Johnson, Assistant Athletic Director 

Jamie Arnold, Secretary
Phone#260-431-2283 / Fax # 260-431-2338

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