Attendance Procedures

Homestead High School's 24-Hour Attendance Line: 260-431-2205

Phone calls to the 24-Hour Attendance line are required if your student is going to be arriving late, leaving early, or out for the day.  

  • All students arriving at 7:45 AM or later and leaving prior to 2:35 PM may use the Ninth Grade Academy Entrance (Door #26) or the Southeast student entrance (Door #2).  Our hope is that students will utilize the door closest to their class, to maximize instructional time!
  • Students should be in class prior to and after appointments, unless the doctor states he/she is excusing the full day.  For example, if the appointment is at 9:00 AM, the student is expected to attend school for Period 1.   
  • Remember, you must obtain and turn in a doctor's note to the attendance desk (that includes appointment and departure times) in order for the absence to be considered Doctor Excused and not Parent Excused.
  • Students are allowed 10 Parent Excused absences for the entire school year.  If a student misses even a portion of a day, he/she will use one of the allotted 10 Parent Excused absences.
  • A 7:45-7:50 arrival will be considered a Tardy;  A 7:51-8:00 arrival will be considered a Late Arrival; An arrival after 8:00 will use one of the allotted Parent Excused absences.
  • Students will be expected to show their teacher the emailed early dismissal email to their teacher when needing to leave class for an appointment, etc.
  • Homework assignments can be found on the teachers' Canvas Pages.  We ask all absent students to stay current with class activity as they are able.

Early Dismissal During Periods 1 - 6: Parents who have notified the school that they will be picking up their student prior to the end of the school day should arrange with their student which door to use. Early dismissal students during periods 1 - 6 may leave through Door 2 or Door 26.

Early Dismissal During 7th Period: If a parent needs to pick up a student for an early dismissal during seventh period, they will need to meet their student at Door 26. Due to construction and traffic flow issues, the Door 2 entrance will be closed at 1:50 p.m. each day.