Technology Issues and the Upcoming Flex Day

Technology Issues and the Upcoming Flex Day
Posted on 09/08/2017

September 8, 2017

Good afternoon. 

It is certainly no secret SACS has been experiencing technology issues when students attempt to work on their computers at home. We apologize for your frustrations. Our investigation into the issues has discovered the source of the problem.

CIPA is the federal law that requires schools to filter internet traffic in schools. SACS has gone a step further and installed a “filtering agent” on our laptops which forces computers away from school (including at home) to go to the SACS server, get filtered there, before proceeding to the internet. This “filtering agent” is the source of the problem. 

SACS is working with our filter vendor to address the issue while also investigating other vendors. In the meantime, we have a flex day on Tuesday, September 12, which many of you have scheduled appointments around. Flex days are entirely dependent upon the technology working. We need to ensure the flex day meets the needs of our students and teachers as well as respects your schedule. Our plan is to remove the “filter agent” this weekend. This means the computers will still be filtered at school but will not be directed to the SACS filter when the computer is at home, and will instead be subject to whatever filtering or parent settings you have in place on your home network beginning this weekend until we have a solution to the problem.

SACS is not alone in facing this problem. Many school districts are struggling with filtering away from school and we are in communications with them. We will continue to work the problem and will keep you updated on our progress. Again, we are sorry for your frustrations and inconveniences.

Dr. Philip G. Downs, Superintendent
Southwest Allen County Schools