Modified Bell Schedule October 3, 2019

System Readiness Test Required by the State
Posted on 09/19/2019

The state has just notified us that we must do a System Readiness Test during the first week in October. This test is required to confirm that we have the capacity to utilize the new ISTEP exam delivery system that sophomore students will need to take the state required graduation exam February 25 – 27 and April 21 – 24.

We will be doing this System Readiness Test on Thursday, October 3rd.


Modified Bell Schedule for October 3, 2019

Pd 1                       7:45 – 8:18 (33 minutes)

Students who start their day after 1st period should note they must arrive at Homestead earlier than usual to be on time to class October 3rd.

Pd 2                       8:24 – 8:57 (33 minutes)

Pd 3                       9:03 – 9:36 (33 minutes) 

Pd 4                       9:42 – 10:15 (33 minutes)

Advisory              10:21 – 11:18 (57 minutes)

From this point on the day is a typical Thursday:

5th period and lunch from 11:24 – 1:05

6th period 1:11 – 1:50

7th period 1:56 – 2:35

Senior Experience students who are not in an advisory will be permitted to leave after fourth period. Those who have continued on with their advisory group from the previous years will be required to attend this extended advisory.

Advisory will end at 11:18 – which is the same time fourth period comes to an end every Thursday, so students who go to Anthis and those who leave the building after fourth period on a typical Thursday will not have any disruption to their normal afternoon schedule.