How to Take SWYKs and Other Canvas Assessments

Every instructional video or reading assignment in a Canvas course is followed by a SWYK.

SWYK stands for Show What You Know.

A SWYK is a quiz that you will take to make sure you understand all new information presented in Canvas video lectures or assigned course readings.

Students must earn 100% on a SWYK before moving on to the next section of a weekly module.

Students should take notes as they watch instructional videos and as they do any assigned reading. You can use these notes as you take your SWYK.

If you take a SWYK and do not earn a score of 100%, write down the questions that you missed and then go back to the instructional video or reading assignment to find those answers. Write down the answers to each of the missed questions and retake the SWYK to earn 100%. Students can take a SWYK as many times as needed to score 100%.


In addition to SWYKs, instructors will use the Canvas assessment function to give quizzes and exams to students. It is important that you understand how to take these online checks for understanding.


Click Here to View a Video Tutorial About Taking SWYKs, Quizzes, and Assessments in Canvas - All assessments given in Canvas are built in its assessment tool, which is called Quizzes - Including SWYKs, Exams, and Quizzes