Latin 3A

Latin 3A
One Semester
One Credit
Students must have successfully completed Latin 1A, Latin 1B, Latin 2A and Latin 2B to qualify for this course.

Latin 3A begins with a complete review of Latin 1 and 2. Students continue to learn about the life and customs of the Cornelius family as they hear, speak, read and write classical Latin. Technology, projects, games and group activities support individual learning and cultural enrichment. As all of the basic components of Latin come to completion, students begin to integrate their own language with Latin so that they are “thinking in Latin.” A gradual transition to the reading of texts by actual Latin authors begins, allowing students to hear the voices of time-honored Romans speaking about themselves and the work in which they lived. Individualized attention to specific reading techniques enhances student achievement on a personal level. Likewise, English vocabulary skills grow ever stronger via the broad base of Latin vocabulary. The student must take an active role in the learning process and will be required to participate in all classroom activities, which will involve pronunciation, small group work, projects and homework.

Fall Semester Elective