English Grade 9

English Grade 9
Two Semesters
One Credit Each Semester
This course is a graduation requirement.
Students in Grade 9 must sign up for this course.

English 9A is the study of language and composition. Students write a variety of compositions including narrative, informative, and argumentative that meet state standards of the writing process with including instruction of correct usage and language mechanics. Students receive instruction in writing technique and receive regular feedback from peer and teacher audiences. Students complete English 9A before taking English 9B.

English 9B is the study of historically and culturally significant works of literature. Students use literary interpretation, analysis, comparisons, and evaluation to grow skills in critical thinking and writing competency. Students participate in grade-appropriate oral presentations and discussions and use technology to proactively refine their reading and writing skills as well researching credible sources to build knowledge of topics and to support claims.

Students in grade 9 should sign up for English 9A first semester.
Students in grade 9 should sign up for English 9B second semester.