English Grade 12

English Grade 12
Two Semesters
One Credit Each Semester
This course is a graduation requirement.
Students in Grade 12 must sign up for this course.

English 12 is a course in which the focus is a study of language, literature, composition, and oral communication with a focus on exploring universal themes across a wide variety of genres, both fiction and nonfiction. Students will apply skills of literary interpretation, analysis, and evaluation to read and respond to representative works of historical and cultural significance. In response to the texts they read, students will write in variety of modes, including narrative, informational, and argumentative. Within those modes, students will complete a variety of written tasks, including but not limited to narrative nonfiction, formal and informal reader response, reflective essays, formal academic essays, and literary analysis essays. All written work will be completed through a recursive writing process that will require multiple drafts and revisions before final submissions are made.

Students in grade 12 should sign up for English 12A first semester.
Students in grade 12 should sign up for English 12B second semester.