Schedule Change Procedure

Change Requests

Any request to change or drop a class, depending upon space available, must be done prior to 2:45pm on June 4th, 2019.  A high school counselor is on duty part time during the summer.  Call the Guidance Office at (260)431-2204 to request assistance.

Students and parents are advised that all requests for schedule changes for 2019-2020 must be made by 2:45 pm on June 4th, 2019.  Requests for schedule changes made before this deadline, will be honored if space is still available in the course.

After June 4th, 2019, changes in a student’s schedule may be made only for the following reasons:

  • The school’s need to balance class sizes
  • Errors made by the school in developing the schedule
  • Failure of a course required for graduation
  • Request to add a course required for college (with documentation from the college)
  • Failure of a course required for entrance into post-secondary education
  • A student has failed with a teacher previously in a course, and he/she is assigned to the same teacher for exactly the same course (if different teacher is available)
  • A program (Anthis, Co-op, Internship, or Higher Education) change
  • Adding a class to continue the sequence of a year-long course
  • Failure of a prerequisite class, i.e., anything that would prevent a student from going on to a requisite course as published in this book
  • Requests to change levels should be addressed before the current school year ends to include teacher recommendations and input.
  • A request to change the level of an academic course during the summer may be difficult.  In some cases these requests may be deferred to the first month of school to obtain high school teacher input.
  • Adding a seventh course to replace study hall (must be requested by end of the previous semester)

        After the school year begins, a student with seven credited classes MAY request to drop one course and add a study hall.  This will be honored; however, a NEW class cannot be added – only a study hall.  Students may drop a class for a study hall until the last day of the 1st or 3rd grading period if space is available.   

        Advanced leveling-students will have the ability to level up or down with the same course.  Examples: AP US History <--> US History or Honors Biology <--> Biology.  Advanced leveling must be completed by the 20th academic day of the semester. (Advanced leveling is not guaranteed and will depend on class size and availability).

        Leveling (World Language and Math)-students will have the ability to level back to previous completed course within the student’s math/world language sequence.  Leveling must be completed prior to the end of the first grading period. (Leveling is not guaranteed and will depend on class size and availability).



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