Latin 2B

Latin 2B
One Semester
One Credit
Students must have successfully completed Latin 1A, Latin 1B, and Latin 2A to qualify for this course.

Students will continue to participate in the lives of a Roman family in order to hear, speak, read and write classical Latin. Reading skills become a major focus as the course continues. Technology, projects, games and group activities continue to support individual learning and cultural enrichment. The interrelation of the student’s own language and Latin will be a stronger component of this course as students develop more precise reading skills based on more complex readings. The elements of vocabulary and grammar introduced in Latin I will be expanded accordingly. The activities and values of Roman society are interwoven in the Latin text. Students will gain a cultural and linguistic foundation from Latin that will be evident in their English skills and support their transition to advanced levels of Latin. Students will also have a sound basis on which to build other languages. The student must take an active role in the learning process and will be required to participate in all classroom activities, which will involve pronunciation, communication, small group work, and homework.

Spring Semester Elective