Latin 1B

Latin 1B
One Semester
One Credit
Students must have sucessfully completed Latin 1A to qualify for this course.

The Latin 1 course introduces the Latin language and the culture of the ancient Romans to middle and high school students. Sharing the personal life of a Roman family takes the student back to the language, customs and values of the Roman Empire of the first century A.D. This ancient setting provides the environment to hear, speak, read and write classical Latin. Students will recognize the value and meaning of language in general, as well as the interrelation between their own language and Latin. Learning is supported by technology, projects, games and group activities. As a result of this course, students gain a cultural and linguistic understanding of the ancient Romans. They recognize the Latin tradition in our language and literature, art and architecture, and classical mythology. They also increase their English vocabulary by recognizing the Latin root words that are the basis for 60% of the English language. The student must take an active role in the learning process and will be required to participate in all classroom activities, which will involve pronunciation, simple communication, small group work, and homework.

Spring Semester Elective