Freshman Class Information

Class of 2024

Ninth Grade counselors have now begun meeting individually with students for their Freshman Meeting. This is an opportunity for students to review their grades and progress towards graduation and discuss pertinent items for their first year of high school. Students who are attending school via Real Time or eSACS will be contacted by their counselor to set up a Zoom meeting. Linked here is the Class of 2024 Freshman Meeting sheet that counselors will utilize in these meetings.

As part of our conversation, we will review graduation requirements, post-secondary goals, and dual credit opportunities at Homestead. To learn about graduation requirements, course offerings at Homestead, and Dual Credit opportunities, we encourage families to review Homestead’s Course Description Guide where they will find a wealth of information. This is a resource students will utilize while developing their four year graduation plan in October.

We also encourage students to begin thinking about potential careers. Linked here you will find Indiana’s most in demand jobs right now.

Important Deadline: Students who do not have a Seminar in their schedule, have until October 2 to drop an elective course for a Seminar period. This is a study period during the school day for students to begin working on homework, prepare for upcoming tests and quizzes, and seek help from our Peer Tutors. Students are asked to contact their counselor if they do not have a Seminar period and would like one.

As always, we encourage students to keep in close communication with their teachers and counselor so we can best support you as you navigate your first year of high school.