Ticket Information


Information about Homestead Sports Passes: 

Homestead’s Football and Basketball teams are now a part of the SAC (Summit Athletic Conference). As a result our ticket prices for these events will be $6.00, of which $3.00 will go to the visiting school.  When you purchase an athletic pass or punch card, all ticket revenue stays at Homestead High School.  By purchasing a punch card ($40 for 10 punches) or an all sports pass will keep your money at Homestead and will go directly to HHS athletics.  Please consider keeping your money here by purchasing an athletic pass. 

All-sports passes are good for all athletic events (except some tournaments) for the entire school year.

Family Pass- $180.00

Invidual Adult Pass- $75.00

Student Pass- $40.00

Punch Card- $40.00/10 punches 

The Homestead Athletic Passes are not accepted during the postseason


$6.00 for all VARSITY Football and Basketball games

$5.00 for all other sporting events (Varsity/JV/Freshmen)

**Ticket Prices for Invitationals and Tournaments may vary**