College Eligibility Info

Considering Playing College Sports?

Bylaws of various athletic organizations affect all high school athletes eligible for scholarships or those who plan to participate in activities. These bylaws vary from one level to another. Valuable information can be accessed through the following organizations and their web sites: National Collegiate Athletic Association, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes, National Christian College Athletic Association National Junior College Athletic Association This process should be done during a students’ junior year. 

If you are considering playing a college sport, you must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse during your senior year. Visit for details on how to register and for the list of approved courses for eligibility. 

NCAA Freshman Quick Eligibility Reference Sheet 

Academic Eligibility- This is a student/parent responsibility

In order to remain academically eligible to compete in IHSAA athletics, students must be passing 5 credits. By IHSAA rule an "I" (incomplete) is considered a failing grade when determining eligibility. The IHSAA requires all schools to determine a "certification" date within 10 school days of the school's "end of grading period". Grade checks are made after 9 weeks and at the semester (listed on the SACS master calendar). Any student athlete, who has not passed 5 credits on this "certification" date, will be declared ineligible for one academic semester.