English 12AB

Grade 12AB Summer Reading Titles

Welcome to English 12 Summer Reading Program.

English 12AB

When you return in the fall, we will immediately begin our work with the book you chose to read over the summer. One of our primary goals for the 2018-2019 school year will be for you to build a repertoire of high¬≠ quality literary works with which you can carry out deep reflection, participate in sophisticated discussion, and build your understanding of major issues that you'll need to consider as a responsible member of society. 

To prepare for the experiences you’ll have in English 12A in the fall, over the summer, you are asked to read a book from the English 12 Summer Reading List, and while you read, maintain a reading journal, the template for which can be found below.

Please Note: This list of books below was created to allow significant choice for students with varied interests. We ARE requiring that students choose their summer reading from this list, but that choice is up to students and parents.

Please contact Mrs. Summers at SSummers@sacs.k12.in.us if you have any questions.

Summer Reading Assignment Directions:

  1. Choose a book from the English 12 summer reading list that looks interesting to you. The nine titles we have offered are very diverse in terms of their genres, authorship, subject matters, and themes. Choose something that interests you! 

  2. As you read the book, maintain a reading journal. You may hand¬≠write the journal, or you can keep the journal digitally in a Word document or Google doc. Your journal must contain at least TEN detailed and thoughtful entries to be considered complete. You will be submitting a hard copy of your reading journal on the second day of school.  Use the directions and template on the next page to organize your journal.

Reading Journal Template

English 12 Summer Reading List Titles and Choices by Genre: