Our Team

our TEAM

Meet the World Language staff.   

Toiyonna Arias Staff Picture   
Angela Bailey Staff Picture     Megan Beckman Staff Picture
 Toiyonna Arias Angela Bailey  Megan Beckman
 Spanish Spanish Latin
Bio Bio Bio
 tarias@sacs.k12.in.us abailey@sacs.k12.in.us  mbeckman@sacs.k12.in.us

Michele Bollman Staff Picture   

Mary Huhn
   Dan Jaeger Staff Phot
 Michele Bollman Mary Huhn Daniel Jaeger
Spanish  Spanish German
Bio Bio Bio
 mbollman@sacs.k12.in.us  mhuhn@sacs.k12.in.us djaeger@sacs.k12.in.us

Justin Peeper Staff Image     Marius Sagnon Staff Picture    Melissa Sedlack Staff Picture
 Justin Peeper Marius Sagnon Melissa Sedlack
 Spanish, Department Chair French French and Spanish
Bio Bio Bio
 jpeeper@sacs.k12.in.us  msagnon@sacs.k12.in.us  msedlack@sacs.k12.in.us

Kelly Truman Staff Picture   
Ellen Waite Staff Picture    Lisa Yde Staff Picture 
Kelly Truman Ellen Waite Lisa Yde
Spanish Latin Spanish
Bio Bio Bio
 ktruman@sacs.k12.in.us  ewaite@sacs.k12.in.us  lyde@sacs.k12.in.us