The Network


THE NETWORK is a group of students and teachers working together in a collective effort for positive change in our school, community, and beyond. Our group is designed to empower students in the areas of leadership, integrity, character development, compassion, persity, and service above self. We believe that “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” JFK


ANY students are welcome with a heart for people and a willingness to make a difference in their school, community, and beyond. Faculty and members of the HHS community are also welcome.


There is an opportunity for sign up during registration, prior to the beginning of school, as well as an information meeting at the beginning of the school year. Interested students may also contact the club sponsor at any time to get information about the club, or they may just attend a meeting. Some activities may or may not be financially sponsored by the club. For more information, you can also join our My Big Campus Page


There will be regular NETWORK meetings held bi-weekly on Mondays after school. The number of meetings may increase during some months depending on the project we are undertaking at the time. All members will be encouraged to attend meetings whenever possible.

Community/School Projects

-Random Acts of Kindness

-Making Club and Community Connections

-GeneroCITY campaigns


Mrs. Sarah Jones Email:

Visual Arts Department