Advisory Program

Advisory Goals Click here to view a description of our three Advisory Goals
Southwest Allen County Schools has incorporated an Advisory Program in grades 6-12 to ensure a college and career ready culture in our district. We believe that personalization strategies, rich digital curricula, and Advisory Programs can provide significant momentum toward all students achieving a challenging, engaging, and relevant education. Our large high school community ensures that each learner develops positive relationships with and has adults/peers who support their educational experiences (COGNIA Indicator 2.4).  
Homestead High School is currently in our 12th year of an established Advisory Program.  Our three program goals, established in year one, guide every Advisory effort around Building Relationships, Strengthening our School Community, and Supporting Student Development.  Our students meet once weekly throughout the year with their Advisor and a heterogeneous (equitably balanced) grouping of same-grade-level peers.  They continue meeting weekly with this Advisor/cohort throughout their four-year high school journey. We believe having one adult who is a constant for each student throughout the four years is critical.  Advisory provides programs and services for learners’ educational futures and career planning (COGNIA Indicator 2.8) through our College and Career Conversations.  These critical conversations are currently happening in grades 6-12.  Please click the link below to study our rich College and Career Conversation Digital Curricula.  Students are utilizing Indiana Career Explorer and these College and Career Conversations to discuss/set diploma goals as early as grade 6. Realistic conversations with adults about their strengths, interests, and futures are key.  This College and Career Readiness approach will ensure all students have the tools to reach their aspired post-secondary goals.

The link below shares our presentation from the 2019 COGNIA (AdvancED) State Conference in Indianapolis. Within the presentation, we illustrated the journey to our current SACS 6-12 Grade Advisory Program, discussed challenges, shared successes, and described how we see our program/strategies growing forward.            Cognia (AdvancED) Advisory Presentation 2019

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