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4310 Homestead Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46814
Ninth Grade Academy (Door #26)

Ninth Grade Academy 24-Hour Attendance Line: 260-431-2305

Phone calls to the 24-Hour Attendance line are required if your student is going to be arriving late, leaving early, or out for the day.  

  • All Ninth Grade students arriving at 7:45 AM or later and leaving prior to 2:35 PM will need to use the Ninth Grade Academy Entrance (Door #26).
  • Students should be in class prior to and after appointments, unless the Dr. states he/she is excusing the full day.  For example, if the appointment is at 9:00 AM, the student is expected to attend school for Period 1.   
  • Remember to obtain a Dr. Note (that includes appointment and departure times) in order for the absence to be considered Dr. Excused and not Parent Excused.
  • Students are allowed 10 Parent Excused absences for the entire school year.  If a student misses even a portion of a day, he/she will burn up one of the allotted 10 Parent Excused absences.
  • A 7:45-7:50 arrival will be considered a Tardy;  A 7:51-8:00 arrival will be considered a Late Arrival; An arrival after 8:00 will use one of the allotted Parent Excused absences.
  • Students are expected to pick up early dismissal passes from the Ninth Grade Academy Attendance Office any time after Period 1.
  • Homework assignments can be found on the teachers' Canvas Pages.  We ask all absent students to stay current with class activity as they are able.

Ninth Grade Academy Staff: 260-431-2301 

Assistant Principal: Jennifer Bay 
Dean of Students: Chris Johnson 

Counselors:  Lyla Dean , Alyssa Braman

Administrative Assistant: 
Cathy Connerley 
Attendance Administrative Assistant:  Marcy Kaopuiki

Ninth Grade Academy Fax Number
: 260-431-0999