Athletic Training

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provides certified/licensed athletic trainers to schools and sports organizations across the region. They help educate athletes, coaches and parents on injury prevention, and they are available throughout the season to assist in diagnosing and treating injuries. The OPS staff is partnered with Fort Wayne Orthopedics to make sure your student athlete receives top care in order to return to their sport. 

Injuries of an athletic nature occurring on or off campus, must be reported to the athletic trainer. Decisions regarding follow-up care, ongoing athletic training, and/or orthopedic consultation are at the discretion of the athletic training staff, in consultation with local physicians when indicated or necessary. In addition, the athletic trainer will make the determination regarding a student’s return to play and participation in daily athletics. Such determination will be made in consultation with FWO physicians when indicated or necessary.

Any time an athlete sees a physician for an athletic injury, the athletic trainer must receive a note from the doctor stating that they are able to return to participate or a note listing the athlete's restrictions.

                        Any questions please feel free to contact the athletic trainers at: 
           OR     (260) 431-2240