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A Walk in the Woods Book Image

A Walk in the Woods
by Bill Bryson
Year Published: 1997

The Appalachian Trail stretches from Georgia to Maine and covers some of the most breathtaking terrain in America. If you’re going to take a hike, it’s probably the place to go, and Bill Bryson is surely the most entertaining guide you’ll find. He introduces us to the history and ecology of the trail and to some of the other hardy (or just foolhardy) folks he meets along the ways.

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 Travels with Charley  Book Image

Travels with Charley
by John Steinbeck
Year Published: 1962

John Steinbeck details his travels throughout the US with his poodle, Charley, in "Travels with Charley in Search of America." Rigging up his truck with a camper in the bed, Steinbeck starts from New York, heads east through Chicago, Minnesota, Yellowstone, and into California before returning back through Texas and the Deep South.

Full of vivid descriptions of the people and landscapes he encounters during his trip, Steinbeck’s journey and his writing will travel with readers for a long time to come.

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In the Watershed Book Image

In the Watershed: A Journey Down the Maumee River
by Ryan Schnurr
Year Published: 2017

Northeast Indiana writer Ryan Schnurr’s first book is part travel writing, part local history, part ecological manifesto.  

“In the Watershed is a lyrical work of nonfiction in the vein of John McPhee and Ian Frazier with a timely and important warning at the core. ‘What is happening in Lake Erie,’ Schnurr tells us, ‘is a disaster by nearly any measure—ecologically, economically, socially, culturally.’”

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The Flatness and Other Landscapes Book Image

The Flatness and Other Landscapes 
by Michael Martone
Year Published: 2000

Fort Wayne native Michael Martone, now a professor in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Alabama, recounts his experiences in America’s Midwest in this collection of essays.

Notes From a Small Island Book Image

Notes From a Small Island
by Bill Bryson
Year Published: 1995

Notes From a Small Island focuses on Bill Bryson’s farewell trip through England where he both pokes fun at the country and offers fond remembrances about leaving.

Full of humor and adventure, British weather and eateries, and Bryson’s classic wit and candor, Notes covers the southern coast to northern Scotland and everywhere in between.