Travel Literature and Writing

Travel Literature and Writing 
Summer Reading 2018-2019

Step One: Book Selection

  • The options below are arranged based on the type of travel included.
  • In the cross-country section, John Steinbeck rigs up his truck and takes his poodle along to circumnavigate the continental United States.
  • The regional books focus on travel in a specific part of the country and include local writers and topics.
  • The international option covers travel through Britain.

*The list was created to allow significant choice for students with varied interests. Ultimately, the choice of the title from this list is up to students and parents.*

Step Two: Assignment During Reading

  • Students should highlight and annotate the text, which can include important or difficult vocabulary, summaries of meaningful passages, and reflections on the people and places visited. It will also make it much easier to find important passages upon returning to school.
  • Assignment upon returning to school will focus on the author’s style, the people and places encountered, and the impacts of the journey.


Step Three: Assignment After Reading

Upon returning to school in August, students will complete analysis and reflection assignments connected to the reading.

  • Students will use quotes and passages to showcase and analyze author’s style.
  • Students will reflect on the people and places encountered in the text as well as how the author was impacted by his travels.
  • Students will consider personal travel experiences and how the summer reading book can contribute to how they convey these experiences in their writing.

Questions/Contact Info:

Any questions during the summer months on the reading program, the above assignment, or the reading options below should be directed to Susan Summers (

Travel Literature and Writing Summer Reading Choices