Film Literature

Film Literature Summer Reading Assignment
(Summer 2018)

Welcome to the Film Literature Summer Reading Program.  


Choose your summer reading book from the list below. Each book has a film version that you will also be watching, so keep that in mind when you choose.

All films are PG-13 or lower in rating. If you have concerns about what film your child may be viewing, please see the links accompanying each book to access the IMDB parents guide for the film(s), which outline any questionable content.

Please Note: This reading list was created to allow significant choice for students with varied interests.  Ultimately, the choice of the title from this list is up to students and parents.


Read the book and highlight/annotate in the margins as necessary for important character, setting, and tone details.


Locate the film. Many of these films can be found online on streaming services, if you do not want to purchase the film. The Allen County Public Library also has copies of these films available for check-out. If you do not have a library card, see any branch of the library to sign up for one for free.


Before you watch your film, watch the following tutorial video so you have an idea of what to look for and take notes on as you view the film.

Click here to access the film viewing tutorial.



Watch the film and take notes based on the information above. Keep in mind that your assignment when you return to school will be to compare scenes between the film and the book that showcase the relationship between the written text and the visual text. You will be able to do this by focusing on the differences between the scene in the book and the same scene in the film, or you can do this by explaining how the visual text further enhances the scene from the book.

You do not have to write this analysis over the summer, but you should bring your annotated book and your film notes to class on the first day. You will be required to use specific examples from both the book (direct quotations) and the film (descriptions of your observations from your notes) in your essay.


Please contact Susan Summers at if you have any questions.  

Summer Reading List