Contemporary Literature


A Separate Peace
by John Knowles
Year Published: 1959
Contemporary Literature

Coming of Age

Boarding school, teenage boys, WWII, secret societies...what could go wrong?

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Life of Pi
by Yann Martel
Year Published: 2003
Contemporary Literature

A young boy must survive a shipwreck on a small lifeboat. His only companion is a tiger...

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Author Interview

 Image of Octavian Nothing Book Cover

The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing: The Pox Party

by M.T. Anderson
Year Published: 2006
Contemporary Literature
*mature content

Young Octavian, a black boy in pre-Revolution America,  is being raised by a group of rational philosophers (scientists) known only by numbers, but it is only after he opens a forbidden door that learns the hideous nature of their experiments and his own chilling role.

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NPR Interview with M.T. Anderson

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The Bean Trees
by Barbara Kingsolver
Year Published: 1988
Contemporary Literature

If someone gave you a baby, would you keep it?

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