Science Fiction


by Ayn Rand
Year Published: 1938
Science Fiction

Can you imagine being referred to as a number instead of a name? Living in a place where the word “I” is banned?

Anthem is a dystopian novel set in a world where individuality and curiosity are looked down upon. What will happen when a teenage boy begins to understand the negatives of his society and tries to change them?

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by Octavia Butler
Year Published: 1979
Science Fiction
*Mature Content*

A 26 year old Black woman from 1976 California is suddenly transported to a plantation in pre-Civil War South Carolina.

Why was she transported to this dangerous location in the first place? Will she survive long enough in order to live her true life in modern day?

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by Kathy Reichs
Year Published: 2010
Science Fiction

Set in a secluded island off of South Carolina, a group of friends is exposed to an experimental virus when they rescue a dog from a research facility.

Now, this PACK of friends is on a mission to solve a murder - as long as the can stay alive.

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