Course Expectations

Impact High School

The primary goal of the alternative school is to reduce the number of students leaving school without a high school diploma and work-related skills.Alternative high school offers a nontraditional and career-oriented curriculum that addresses the unique needs and interests of our students by offering them the opportunity to:

* Develop academic skills necessary for the work world, for high school graduation and for post-secondary education.

* Develop career and vocational skills in their area of interest.

* Develop the skills to become lifelong learners.

* Explore and develop strategies for remaining in school.

* Develop a healthy self-concept through a sense of responsibility for themselves and their actions.

* Return to vocational and/or academic classes at their home school.

* Explore and develop strategies for coping with personal, family and social problems.

The school has received waivers from the Indiana Department of Education permitting students to concentrate on fewer classes and to spend as much time as needed to master the course. In this program, students do not change subjects and teachers every 45 minutes. Instead, they work independently, with the teacher inpidually, in a small group or as a total class. Students generally take two classes each nine weeks. Course work should be completed by the end of each semester or the date assigned by the teacher.

Periodically, each student discusses his/her high school plan with an alternative school teacher. The purpose of the conference is to review what courses are needed and how they address the student's interests and future plans.

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