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Progress and Updates

September 27, 2019

The first phase of the schematic design process is coming to a close. Below is a link to a Homestead High School (HHS) bubble diagram which illustrates the footprint of the building and the intended usage of certain areas.

PHASE 1 Schematic Design - Bubble Diagram

The classroom clusters are indicative of two or more classrooms in those designated areas.  This design is preliminary and subject to change as we continue through other phases of design.

The building will accommodate 3000 high school students with adequate and appropriate classroom and instruction spaces as well as common student areas.  It also accommodates our excellent co-curricular and extra-curricular programs and activities.  We are examining the traffic flow, both human and vehicular, as the site plan is being established.

We are now ready to move into the next design phase (Design Development) which will help our professional partners develop more details within the building and the site.  They will do this by meeting with the applicable stakeholders and users of the building. 

As promised, we will continue to be transparent and share the progress of the HHS Construction Project as new information becomes available.