Notice of
Request for Qualifications for

Progressive Design-Build Contract

Notice is hereby given that the Metropolitan School District of Southwest Allen County, Indiana (the “Owner”), requests any design-builder (as defined in Indiana Code Section 5-30-1-4, as amended) which is interested in being considered by the Owner as the design-builder with respect to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing design and work in connection with the proposed renovations, additions and site alterations to the existing Homestead High School located at 4310 Homestead Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46814 (the “MEP Project”), all as described in more detail in the Request for Qualifications for Progressive Design-Build Contract, dated as of September 20, 2019 (the “RFQ”), to submit Verified Statements of Qualifications to provide Progressive Design-Build Services for the MEP Project.  All work to be done in connection with the proposed renovations, additions and site alterations to the existing Homestead High School located at 4310 Homestead Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana, excluding the MEP Project (the “Non-MEP Project”) will be addressed under a separate contract by and between the Owner and Hagerman Inc. as the construction manager as constructor under Indiana Code 5-32, as amended.

Verified Statements of Qualifications shall be received by the Owner until 2:00 PM, local time on Friday, October 11, 2019 at the Administration Office of the Owner, which is located in the 4824 Homestead Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46814, Attention:  Mr. Jim Coplen, Owner’s Representative.  Each response to the RFQ that the Owner and the Owner’s Technical Review Committee (the “TRC”) will determine to be a qualified response must be in accordance with the RFQ, all of which is incorporated herein by reference, and all of the provisions of Indiana Code 5-30, as amended and as applicable to the RFQ process.  Each response to the RFQ must also be submitted by a person or entity satisfying the definition of a design-builder or team as defined in Indiana Code 5-30-1, as amended (each, a “Design-Builder”).

To obtain a copy of the RFQ or any other available additional information regarding the MEP Project or to ask any questions regarding the RFQ or the MEP Project, please contact Dodd Kattman, as representative of MKM architecture + design and CSO Architects, Inc., which are jointly serving as the Owner’s design criteria developer for the MEP Project (the “Design Criteria Developer”).  Mr. Kattman’s contact information is as follows:

Dodd Kattman AIA, LEED AP
MKM architecture + design
(260) 422-0783 (office)


The RFQ contains, but is not limited to the following:

  1. A description of the MEP Project, including the size and function of the facilities that are the subject of the MEP Project, the maximum budget and the anticipated schedule;
  2. A description of the source selection process, including:
    1. The process for communications between the Design-Builders and the Owner, including, but not limited to the TRC and any agent of either the Owner or the TRC;
    2. The schedule for the source selection process;
    3. The TRC evaluation procedure; and
    4. A description of submission requirements;
  3. The general qualifications for the Design-Builders, including;
    1. Appropriate experience with similar projects;
    2. Team experience with design-build delivery;
    3. Organizational resources and depth of the Design-Builder;
    4. The licensing requirements for the Design-Builder selected by the Owner for the MEP Project;
    5. The insurance requirements for the Design-Builder selected by the Owner for the MEP Project;
    6. The financial strength and bonding capacity of the Design-Builder selected by the Owner for the MEP Project;
    7. The Design-Builder’s history of contracting with or hiring minority business enterprises and women’s business enterprises; and
    8. The Design-Builder’s litigation and disputes history.
  4. The MEP Project specific qualifications for Design-Builders, including;
    1. The Design-Builder’s experience with the facilities or building types that is the subject of the MEP Project;
    2. The Design-Builder’s performance record, including quality, schedule and cost of each project;
    3. The Design-Builder’s proposed team composition, including the team’s past experience working together;
    4. The Design-Builder’s current capacity to manage the MEP Project;
    5. The Design-Builder’s proposed key project personnel; and
    6. The Design-Builder’s client and project references.
  5. A description of the TRC’s Qualifications Statement evaluation process, which includes;
    1. An established rating system that complies with Indiana Code Section 5-30-5-4, as amended, and Indiana Code Section 5-30-5-5, as amended; and
    2. The briefing session and formal question and answer process that the Owner will conduct with Design-Builders before submission of a Verified Statement of Qualifications in response to the RFQ.

All of the information set forth in the RFQ as described in clauses (1) through and including (5) above are incorporated into this notice by reference.  In addition to the foregoing information, a qualified response submitted by Design-Builders must include all of the information required by Indiana Code Section 5-30-5-3, as amended.

No Pre-Submittal Conference is scheduled for the Qualifications Phase of this MEP Project.

Unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Design Criteria Developer, as of the date of this notice, all communication between any Design-Builder and the Owner and/or the TRC or their respective agents shall be conducted through only the Design Criteria Developer.  Any Design-Builder who otherwise contacts any employee, agent or elected or appointed official of the Owner or any member of the TRC between the date of this notification and the award of the Design-Build Contract is subject to disqualification at the sole and complete discretion of the Owner.

All responses to the RFQ received by the date and time set forth above, which shall be determined solely by the Owner in its sole and complete discretion, will initially be reviewed by the Design Criteria Developer for compliance with the RFQ.  The TRC will shortlist to no more than three (3) most highly qualified Design-Builders, who will be invited to submit Progressive Design-Build Proposals at a later date.  The Owner intends to award a single Progressive Design-Build Contract for the MEP Project on the basis of Best Value as set forth in Indiana Code Section 5-30-7-6, as amended.

Each of the Owner and the TRC reserves the right to reject for any reason and for no reason at all any and all responses received to the RFQ and to be the sole judges of the value and merit of the responses offered.  The Owner reserves the right to terminate for any reason and for no reason at all the MEP Project prior to executing the Progressive Design-Build Contract.  If such termination occurs, the Owner shall not be liable for any costs incurred by any of the Design-Builders with respect to any response to this RFQ or any submission of a Progressive Design-Build Proposal.

Dated:  September 20, 1029

Metropolitan School District of Southwest Allen County, Indiana

By: Dr. Philip Downs, Superintendent

(PDF of Notice)